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Matthew Leffler

33:03 Have no fear....:-) I kinda have been playing on repeat for the past 3 days...:-)  And thats really become central to my theme.  "There's been awful pain althrough this rain....made it to a peaceful place. I know..I will make it again.....see my conscienceness is bright and clear, standing tall and have no fear at all.  See me standing tall and have no ear at all??   Take away my pride.   I will rise again.  Though it seems so hard I know.  You will see me again.  Seasons come and go, I will rise again.   And deep inside i know I'll be back again."  So here are the devolpments of my past few days......

1. I am out of training at Norton.  Volunteered to work July 4th so I could pad my account.  I got my first check and it was more than I that is kinda a good sign since I'm not yet getting the night shift bonus.   I have my new schedule for the month and it looks really pretty good.  So I'll be opposite Derrick now on nights.  I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off except one in July....meaning that my favorite nights out are in tact.  Tuesday at Red Lounge is equally important to me as Q on Thursday with boys in underwear and waterguns.  :-)   

2. Dating.  Obviously my apartment is THE central spring board to this aspect.  My mom is back with her husband but I still dont want to bring people here...and I look around and see nothing but Brent.  SO...the switch of venue will hopefully resolve those issues. get moving on something for when I can entertain more properly I am forcing myself to do it now.  Tonight actually...going to see Superman with a guy that I've thought was cute for months but never hungout with ... because I was all wrapped up in someone else.   And what is going on with David Doyle?  He broke up with his BF the sameday I got my goodbye letter from Chile.  We sat there talking about how awesome we were and how we were amazed at the lack of attention our spouses showed.  :-)  I mean...we shower each other with time and why can't our lovers?  Course I am not rushing into anything, but I am ushering in a new era.  Plus...I have my eye on a couple other prospects and oddly enough half of them work downtown at the is that going for us.....location.

3.  As much of you know I got a DUI last month...alittle too much fun apparently on Tuesday night.  So my official lawyer john Dolan who has represented people in my family is our criminal attorney apparently...but anyhow.....he'll be at court Monday and I wont...the benefit of counsel I guess.  We are going to force them to prove to a jury that I was drunk and drag it out for months.  I am going to the mattresses with the state.  John asked me if this was what I wanted to do....and I said...."Bring it on"  I've fought more battles that held greater risks that those of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  I am kinda looking forward to this...they basically have no evidence other than my refusal for the breath test, which isn't evidence.  

4.  The apartment.   I feel strongly that I found it.  2 bedroom eat in is a duplex...the second floor of a nice big house....we have a glassed in porch....back yard, front yard....course I'll need to [plant the rose bushes. is 4 doors down from David.  Which as some already know is in the same building as Joey P. whom we all three went out this Tuesday and had a scandalous night.:-)  So that shoudl be my roommate Joey N is going to be a great guy to hang out with and then across the street is Thomas's and his merry band of 5 gay men.  So ...with in this small compound....we have a pretty centralized scope of fun people.  Nathan and Thomas seem to have parted...Nathan is a hottie...and his friend Matt...they are fun people to talk too.  Matt actually works at Norton I think he lives with Thomas.  Saw each other wednesday outside the 224 building (corp) and he was like...I didnt know you worked here...and i said the same to him..and fixed his badge and walked on thinking...hmmmm I should take him out to a nice hospital lunch. :-)

5. So last night I ate four peices of felt so guilty and such a pig that I did crunches and stairstepping even after i had already worked out....Tonight I decided to spoil myself and eat........McDonalds.  I havent eaten anything else today so that kinda balances I decided before I could eat I had to do crunches and after the movie tonight I'll have ot do the stair stepping.  So...with my new surge of days off...I'll have even more time to focus on not so much returning to the Matt Leffler of a couple years ago....but I am kinda looking to be better than .... :-)

Peace out!!!!!

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