Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

33:04.2 2nd night in a row, but a tad different....

So I went to a pool party.  I enjoyed being a central figure that figured out the keg and worked to strive to bring foamless beer to the masses.  I was introduced to another apartment which has extreme character including secret passages....a secret the closet....serious....I much enjoyed it.  :-)  And talked to the owner about the prospect of grabbing it up.  Then as the numbers of people in the pool hit an accepted number...( I said I wouldn't get in until their where 4 people in first...then...ahh...fuck it...shirt flies off I dove in belt and all....I mean lets live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I spent most of the time in the water dunking or being dunked and thinking...well...I'm glad I have been working out.  And towards the end I started talking to a boy...who insanely is named Matt.,...if you recall the guy from last night is named.....Matt....OH I forgot to tell ya.....I saw Lyza who has been absent from my journal for about a year...but then we found each other and I did a little dance of happiness....and we started hanging out...and David was like....Hey Lyza you rememeber me...and it was obvious on her face she had no idea who he to make a point I leaned over to Matt and was this...."Hey remember my boyfriend for the past year Matt right?  She was like...of course....great to see you again!"  I leaned over to Matt and was like....she's lieing totally she has no idea who David  But at least I planted the idea of .... well you know.  Back to the day convo...I was talking about being introed to another Matt...who YES was very cute...and whom I was asked...hey do you want me to fix you to up...I was like...sure I am good for a shot at a BF...and they were like...well he isnt looking for a BF and I was ; thanks then...I'm playing for keeps.  So that kinda ended that but it was all fun cause I still had my pool party dunking partner who ..... no matter how you cut it if your dunking each other.....Your flirting.  But Matt was cute....if he wanted more than one night then I'd listen....but...I was very content with the night.  Talked to a guy named Mark who is like 35 and has kids and I told him that Brent had been leaning that direction and he was like....where is he...let me explain to him how he needs to find a guy for love....and how it isn't all that great having done what I did...I was like...sorry he is gone I can do is move on or hope he finds a way back to me.  Plus I looked damn good I think shirtless within the group...kinda felt secretly like the one everyone was wondering when he'd take his shirt off....:-)  But then I always look too far into shit.

About Brent....I've resisted emailing him.  His last message was a very direct any interest on my part would be stupid now.  BUT....any interest from him....probably would find fertile soil....untill I find a new love.....cause I am loyal to the one I am with...I'm ready for the future, building towards a new tomorrow that I hadnt planned on and still sadly hoping that the past realizes what we had.  Time will tell.

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