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Introducing the fabulous roommate Arty.  And of course your host Matthew...enjoying a walk outside the apartment in the snow at 3am in downtown Louisville.

So...where to begin.  I am officially now apparently by weird unexpected circumstances still a student at University of Louisville...classes start Monday. goes that whole adventure again.  But unlike last time I have two majorly different items in my life.....1. I work basically 36 hours a week...and another side bar general manager said that he is interested in adding on a new fulltime employee, and since I work so much already as a parttime guy...I may be able to leap frog over the 3 guys with seniority if they are unable to work the hours....whats that mean?  Greater stability, bit more money, and the benefits of a fulltime job.  I'll talk about work more in a tad.  2.  I applied for a degree program at Almeda College and University.  And...with my previous hours and such should have a bachelor's of public relations hanging on my wall in a month or so...accredited, just not the traditional school I had been spending alot more money on.  SOOO....I may change my major to something else...cause 2 BAs in the same field is kinda over kill.....really two BAs is kinda pointless.

Work....I will brag here.  I feel like I am doing well.  Been there the least amount of obviously I should be the least successful?  Not true at all...last month I consistently placed second in all the different aspects they watch us I sold 82,000 in computers...which isnt shabby.  I'm PT but as PT I get more hours than the other PT the option to fulltime is now being discussed, not a bad situation.  Today I sold the most computers also...that isnt an odd day...I generally sell a good amount.

Roommates: Arty is fabu...I honestly am treading lightly cause I wanna be a good roommate and friend, but obviously I am attracted to him so I have to weigh long term scenarios and lean to the side of caution.  Dont want to be overbearing, but dont want to be stand off-ish...I have a BAD habit of not finding a middle ground.  I am passionate pretty much about whatever I do...Iif I do it I try to be the best there was at it...but sometimes I forget that others need air.  So...all is great, and dealing with the fact I have a roommate that I attempted to date awhile back.

Love: Cloudy at best.  I run from the sure bets and cling to the old lost attempts of the years past.  But...if it doesnt fit dont force it, and I am certain....given the time things will payoff.

The moving: Shane hasnt completely left yet.  Which is okay...but becoming a damper as it is hard to move on with the old mixed with the new.  The house is a wreck...and as a person who wants to take pride in my is annoying to see the place in disarray.  We finally got arty in his room last night....not completely, but basically.  Which I feel is important to help him feel secure and establish a footing in feeling that he is truely...a roommate, not a guest.

Speaking of time with Derrick's sister.  I was exceptionally surprised to meet her.  Pleasently enjoyed her company and can see why Arty considers her a friend.  Still when we met I was like.......oh crap, should I smile or duck?  lol.  I'll share this little hidden secret with I told Christy, I still have a crush on Derrick, and thats why I can make a foul of myself...while I am not actively seeking anything more than the status quo...I still felt the need to move away from any conversations regarding him.  I have my opinions, desires, wants, and disappointments....BUT part of growing is realizing when to excuse yourself from situations that open old chapters in life...and when to continue to attempt to build a future with that person as a friend.  Further she represents him in so many ways...she knows him better than I obviously...but I think I still know situational knowledge about us more than anyone else but D, hopefully my reputation wasn't too tarnished...I must say if it was I dont think we'd have all had as muc fun tonight.  So here is to everyone being loyal to there existing relationships.....but also openminded to building views based upon their own experience.

Welp....  There is more I can say....more I wish I could....but some secrets are in fact better left inside, tucked away waiting for another day to tell.

Went to the bar tonight.  Had a good time...tried a new look...sorta.....and unsure of it but I guarenttee it got me noticed.  Note to all friends out there...if you've been hitting on me for over 2 years....stop suggesting sexually explicit images to me while we chit doesnt make me feel interested, simply uncomfortable.  Further....note to cute boys at the bar...99% of the time I am admiring from a distance hoping you'll say do it!  Even if I am not interested I'll carry a conversation and always attempt to be friendly.

So much in my life seems so pleasently in line.  I am happy.  But oddly...the most important aspect of life to me, is still somewhat lacking...people.  Thank you to the few people I have found worthy interests...may each of us continue to understand life and each other more each day.


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