Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

33:09 Photo updates I'll just post a couple pics and then link off to more...trying to be mindful of everyone's friend page and newer pics of me and the place.  I'm also on a campaign this weekend to take pics outside the house, like of the pool and street...and then also to bring home pictures of the colorful saturday night crew now installed.  But so here come the first ones..
   Fresh out of the shower I figured hey..this is a good time for a pic, your awake, its all just began...oh and I am extremely red from a tanning bed excursion...
and then the house.....
  So this is the living is taking shape...lots and I mean LOTS of work to be done here plus I am still missing furniture but as the weeks continue I am sure I can bring things together....anyhow....I think I'll just leave things alone with the pics otherwise...have others but wwhy throw them up when I have plans for more to follow just this weekend?  So I'll just do them all Monday.

I joined the Norton gym, got the membership plus one guest is always covered...little more but at least  always have the option to bring anyone I want with me.  Hmm....Tonight is the first night in 4 nights that Matt hasnt called me at work....on the help desk line.  i had to get snippy last night on the just doesn't look professional for me to be fielding inbound calls on the help desk other people could answer it ... as last night and then it just snow balls.  So we had to stop that.  David, Matt, Thomas, Nathan, Jacob and I all went out Tuesday time was had by all.  David drove my car since I was too drunk...but then the next day he called to tell me he was still throwing up from last night....that really made me feel good about his driving. :-)  Ughhh...I feel bad right now cause Derrick and I had Taco Bell and it tasted weird enough for me to ask him if it was okay to shouldnt have been...cause now I am sitting here at work wishing I hadnt eaten that shit.  Today is payday....I am letting my voice be heard .... I AM GLAD!  I have a date kinda sorta Sunday with a guy named Aiden....who knows how that will shape up.  Anyhow...I am gonna go ahead and bring this to a wrap as I count down 2 more hours left here at work.

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