Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

33:13 more to follow...

So anyhow....I have had a busy few days and more info will follow....but have you ever....well lets just borrow a line from one of the songs I love....."Something has change within me, something is not the same.  I'm through with playing by the rules of someone elses game....too late for second guessing...too late to go back to sleep."  If we were sitting at your future apartment last night drinking wine, and earlier that day I drove 30 minutes to have lunch with you...and today you said you wanted to see me before you went back home...and I told you that I wanted to see you too...and you asked WHY...and i said...cause i was interested....."  That means...."dreams...the way we planned them if we work in tandem.  Just you and I defying gravity...with you and I defying gravity....they'll never bring us down."   Long story short....I have someone I called tonight..."my future husband" a friend.  So.... be careful when I invite you to mingle into the world of Matthew Leffler it is a wild roll as any one around me will tell anyone of my friends whom, have been around for is worth it!  AND all of OZ no wizard that there is or was is ever....gonna bring us down.  So lets not them bring us down! my friend who said I had too many shower pics...(which I had one) and another said I looked 19 in it and should get a more accurate is my response.  A new pic...from today.
I dont think there is much difference....BEATCH!  :-)  Although I will say...I did shave since then cause...david reminded me that my facial hair still doesn't connect and I'd look stupid. :-)  BUT....after the next three days of work....Monday I am off....and I expect that the boy....the guy....the one I have shown my weakness too....will be here for a tad...enjoying some cuddling, some pool side talk, some late night kisses and .... the dreams of a dreamer.  Tonight while we were talking....he said I'd never catch him in a mistake....I grin....thats something I'd say....thats....                                                                                                                                           perfect.

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