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Just cause I am bored and sometimes the little things are more interesting than the big things: and delaying the revamping of my homepage. ( )

yes or no...
-you keep a diary: yeap...I consider this to be that
-you like to cook: like too....just me nor anyone else wants to eat it.
-you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: Totally.
-you fold your underwear: during the quarterly laundry sessions
-you talk in your sleep: occassionally.
-you set your watch a few minutes ahead: exactly 12 minutes fast
-you bite your fingernails: actually stopped a lifelong habit about 3 months ago...I like'em, makes me feel like I am more happy in life.
-you believe in love: In everyway, in everyday, in every action
-you wish you could live somewhere else: prolly for a while....then back to my home.
-you believe in online dating: meeting yes, but if all I have is electronic conversation I would never feel complete.
-others find you attractive: I think many ways. Yet I think some of my best personality aspects can leave people confused and upset with me and thus....not attracted.
-you want more piercings: possibly.
-you want tattoos: I think so...something "me"...but subtle.
-you drink: two empty cocktail glasses sit in front of me on my desk
-you smoke: to me no...haven't in a billion years...actually...I am addicted and just a week or just a month from now I hope I stick to staying away from it...dont care of the health thing really...just don't find it an attractive habit.
-you do drugs: honestly...I am going out on a limb here, I had once allowed myself to limitedly be influenced but them...I always felt I had control, and I havent done ANYTHING in a long time...but again, one false step on my part and I'll have again done something that isn't an attractive habit.
-you like cleaning: as long as someone else does it.
-you like roller coasters: LOVE'EM!
-you write in cursive or print: write in print
-you carry a donor card: signed my use taking with you what others need more.

-colors: blue
-smells: gasoline
-food: steak
-video Games: anything where I am in charge
-genre of music: mostly techno...but always can surprise ya with something off the wall.
-hobby: computers

last things...
-last word you said: the cats to allow Arty a restful sleep.
-last song you sang: All Thing's keep getting better
-last thing you laughed at: something Arty said
-last time you said I love you: hmm...not parents, or friends...about 2 years ago.
-last time you cried: maybe a month ago while watching TV

-what color socks are you wearing: navy blue
-current annoyance: my house
-current longing: hmm....something to drink...
-current book: none
-current worry: none to mention...maybe my relationship with those I care about
-story behind your journal username: my username online since 1997
-current favorite article of clothing: my kenneth cole shirt
-favorite place to be: cuddling
-least favorite place: near someone I want and can't have
-strong in mind or strong in body: mind...but not weak in body
-time you wake up in the morning: all depends on the morning...latest, noon
-do you believe in an afterlife: not sure...but who cares...I know I am here now and this is my focus
-how tall are you: 5'9"
-current favorite word(s)/Sayings: It's all gravy
-favorite season: winter
-one person(s) you wish was here right now: ahh....I am gonna hold my tounge on that
-a random lyric: I have often dreamed of a far off place. Where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me. Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face. And a voice keeps saying this is where I am meant to be. I will find my way

-kindergarten teacher's name: mrs keys
-first grade teacher's name: mrs roach
-second grade teacher's name: no clue
-third grade teacher's name: mrs simpson
-fourth grade teacher's name: mrs knight
-fifth grade's teacher's name: mrs bock
-sixth grade's teacher's name: mrs medley
-seventh grade's teacher's name: mrs. wright
-eigth grade's teacher's name: mrs. unseld

-in cd player: matt mix only 1
-under bed: can't go down there...still too dangerous
-time it is now: 4:04am, bar just closed

-you want to grow up to be: the first person you call your friend
-ideal job: communicating needs of others (PR)
-probable job: White House Press Secretary
-you want to live (place): Here, Chicago, or Florida
-number of children you want: 1
-kind of car: doesn't matter to me.

-mood: peaceful
-taste: toothpaste
-hair: tied back.. its kinda straight today.. wow.. thats cool
-attire: brown pants, red top
-annoyance: my nan is rushing me to take her down the street..
-smell: dust.. from the air conditioner
-desktop image: dunno.. somethin standard my nan has on her comp
-fav. music artist: would be something by either DJ Encore or Da Buzz....but trying to let the roomie nothing.
-fingernail color: fingernail colored.
-crush: Not counting exes...(still have crushes of course...but they are only 6 in number) I'd say a billion.

Not as good as the last form I filled out...but provides insight as to who is sitting at this computer.

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