Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

36:05 SO....regarding my issues

So anyhow...obviously you can tell I have 1 issue nowadays.  Love.  Feel like last year I had love and nothing else and now I have everything else and no love.  Bitch!  But I am making a big move here I think.

This is the now planned help to move my attention from Brent and a lost love and on to a new boy who is very cute, and .... OUT!  I was talking today to a person who was in the closet who keeps hitting on me and I told him..... "Being in the closet you show a lack of committment to yourself and your orientation and thus can't committ to another person.  Sure we could hangout and you could join my life but I can never join your life and ultimately it will be easier for you to retreat to your sphere without me that I never was in than for me to remain in my world which I gave you with open arms."  Point?  I've learned some valuable aspects here.  If a person keeps their safety net free of you, you can't let them into yours and then you dont have a relationship.  BUT....  anyhow...this guy I was supposed to go on a date with....then I stood him up stupidly cause I was drepressed and now we have chit chatted and are planning a possible night out together.....tomorrow.  I think it is in my best interest to put my old feelings behind and force myself to see what is possible with someone else.  SO.....I am taking aim.
If you know him....SHHHHHHHHH.......he knows I am pursuing lets just see how things go.  I already told Derrick that sure I get ahead of myself husband makes the best potato salad and we will see him at the Labor day  ( have no idea how his potato salad get the idea.)  Only Matt Leffler

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