Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

36:08 I don't know...

So anyhow Boy -11 (same boy as previously named Boy -11) came over yesturday and we went to the mall, then shoe shopping, then we went out to dinner then he said he didnt think I acted like I liked him so when we got back we threw our clothes in the washer that we bought with our pants so they'd be ready for the night and then I pulled him on into my bedroom. He thinks I like him now. We all went out to the bar ... had a good evening. Made out with him at several spots and then took him home. Annoyingly we were both pretty drunk so we just slept till like 3pm....then he left and we exchanged kisses at the door...awwww...anyhow...I am headed off to get a blizzard with Ron and then tonight I think I'll prolly stay in from the bar and instead sleep over at Tony's. Also...I know I looked good in that damn hat Friday. I got numbers handed over to me, told I looked hot, a voice mail telling me I looked hot, an email telling me I looked hot...bitch....that hat is gonna make many repeats. Apparently I look all sporty abercrombie. David still says I look bad, I just told david he was jealous cause he is now further in my shadow.

Oh and here is a terror update....
Terror Alert Level

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