Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

36:13 Scandalous passion

So Derrick, David and Greg are the only ones on my end that know who was in my bed last night. I told him it would be fall out from multiple people...but neither of us really cared. His hair smelt so wonderful. He kissed so long and so enchantingly his body was desire and he stayed till 4 pm the next day. Our conversations were so advanced and our actions were so pimitive.

A perfect fit for "As long as your mine" - Wicked. so UNPLANNED yet so desired from afar. Then so sweet in enbrace and such joy found in a smile from him.

Just for this moment. Poor David worried that the shit will hit the fan, Greg is worried it could be over too fast and we both knew it was unwise and the stuff that drama and fights can build from but ... I know, and I dont care. We shined so bright as we held on and he did call tonight and I promised to call tomorrow.

Romance...seems last night it was defined by me and him and evidence of passion abound around the house as well as on our necks. I bit his ear ring out. We broke glasses and ended the time kissing goodbye. If it progresses I'll be too lucky. If all it is is what it was ... then no regrets. Resistance and borderlines are around everyone ... usually self created and last night I plunged over that cliff and saw through different eyes.

Scandalous, Passionate and the best time I've had with another person in way too long. To live uninhibited for a moment is something everyone should expereince. To live uninhibited for longer ... who knows. Drinking life from the lips of someone ... the way I did ... spell binding.

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