Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Wednesday was interesting. He did take me home from the bar, but we had a night of figuring out each other and kinda looking at each others scenes. He dropped me off, moved to kiss and I gave the check kinda like a pouting child cause I wanted him to come in but I also didnt want him to say no so I didnt How old am I? wait it gets better....

So then in my drunk wisdom I decided to text message him my journal address so he knew that I had a fancy for him. So I could impress him with my witty romantic thoughts of us...but then I sent that text to someone else. Who then he texted me back and was like...I read your journal....I'm really confused?? Then I was like...shit. Now I look like some complete and utter asshole. David thinks this is probably better then me pushing my thoughts onto the one it was intended for so I guess fate was on my side?? So I didnt resend it.

But then I came to my senses Friday and called him and asked him if he would be interested in doing something...anything...tomorrow on his voice mail. I was worried Wednesday night that things might not I figured backing off may be the best I stayed quiet on Thursday....but then Friday I decided no no no ... dont back off just be alittle more mindful of his recent happenings. Compassion as well as passion are required here.
The day went by and I assumed all was as it was ... no regrets. :-)
THEN .... as I sat here at work in my cute Express shirt talking to a lady about her brother's resume and how I would suggest he do this or that and I am waiting for my pizza to arrive and it was all just me since Derrick called in sick ...( I was feeling pretty cool and collect big man on campus with the girls down the hall acting like my bestfriends...married women seem to love me) ....I got a call on the cell..... : !!! 11:45 EST PM he called back....( He has always called back and has always called when promised) ... it is scarey, like...he seems polite? Anyhow...he wanted to know what I was doing...I said work...and invited him to come down and eat pizza with me and chit chat...course I know that doesnt sound like fun....but it would have been for me...., he asked when I got off I said 6am...and he was asked what I was doing tomorrow and I am doing call me anytime. I told him I'll go to bed at 6 and call him just when I get up at noon. ( FYI Thats a sacrifice on my part but I want to spend time with him so I am getting up about 5 hours earlier than I normally would...since I have to work tomorrow night again. ) Anyhow...I am scheduled now for another date...another chance.

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