Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

swept away

So I forgot a moment last night that I sinsterly enjoyed. Quasi-exes and Exes that I dont talk to that my friends think are bad for me...take notice. So I was near the dance floor...and I saw a Quasi-recent ex and I went to say hey...say hi...and before I could do more than extend my hand in the air I was football playerishly slammed by a guy who pushed me off to the side and kept pushing me along and I tried to say HEY but...I was basically tackled and never got close enough because one of my dear dear friends tackled me...and swept me away with the crowd and was like....sorry you dont need to talk to him. I was like....FUCK....if Reagen had you near he'd never had been hit the first time.

Thats wonderful...when your near a person who knows you so well....that they feel comfrotable enough to totally block you from saying hi to another person and you realize yes it prolly is a good thing that I dont

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