Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

36:31 Hodgepodge

So I'm at work this weekend...but 4 hours till I hit 5 of 7 days off. I've sat here watching 11 episodes of Scrubs....( Episode 520 is right now my favorite. Course if you watch 520 you need to see 521 cause as you can tell at the end .. it leaves open a new dialogue across the series.
Awww reflective now after talking to my EXGF ... :-) Ran into each other on Myspace then also talking to an ex best friend from high school that I havent seen since I came out 10 years ago...has me reflective. Both are now married ... and grown up ... what am I?
I thought a chapter change was in the waiting but as my phone hasnt rung and I am resolved to not call the MSOI position is open again and the chapter keeps running even with him a block up the street. I mean...sorry...I need a sign but then that whole stupid idea of patience pops in and then I am reminded of my new idea of trying to enjoy what is around and stop rushing off into finding something else. Its all okay. I just want more. I tasted more but then he hates me doesnt he?
David is supposed to be taking me out this week. Odd but nice and about freaking time! :-) Course I never expect or ask I just like the idea when he threw it out. See ... its those things that happen when you dont seek them out, when you dont try to plan them in...those random happenings that make you feel good.

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