Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

37:07 Republicians On Fire!

So Rep. Foley was a member of the republician leadership as the deputy whip he was involved in the roll of counting votes for the initatives. Rep. Foley was in a position to provide real answers to today's questions but as normal as a republician he was more interested in saving the flag from protesters and defending marriage from those evil fags. Course this is nothing out of the ordinary with the republician leadership ... except for the fact Rep. FOley liked little boys.
He didnt say anything too too gay. "Send me your picture." "Do I make you horny?" "What are you wearing? ... I'd like to slip that off of you." All of these things could have been taken out of context right? WRONG. He is a dirty old man and I can forgive that cause they are all over the bar BUT I relish his fall from grace and his resignation from congress simply because he was a sheep in wolves clothing helping to slaughter the sheep. As one of the boys he emailed said..."sick,sick,sick" Burn baby burn.
People who turn their backs on who they, who then attack others like them ... deserve nothing less than destruction. I am over the righteous being hypocrites with their hateful ways and their roaming eyes.

Oh and on a personal note ... I started chatting with a guy last night that physically matches my type. He seems to mentally work, we have some commmonalities he lives about an hour away which seems to help dilute my intensity he just got out of a 3 1/2 yr long thing and moved here 5 days knows??? I'm gonna keep chatting and slowly (as best I possibly can) try to not rush away with the ideas before the reality. Point being? It is all just a sliver of something but just as tnt and a muslim on a commercial jet is not an explosion ... so am I with someone who fits my type.

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