Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

37:08 No one hits me!

So no one hits me. including Greg Hahn at 7718 apt A sundance lane, Louisville KY ... 502 594 8720. tonight the guy who dropped me off on the interstate last week had me sucker punched in the face by his people outside the bar. It is no question full open war. First I will get an EPO out on him. You see ... all I know is that I ended up at the bar and saw my girls getting punched and didnt know what was the bigger man that I am...I left the bar against everyone's wishes to confront Greg and as I walked across the street his bitch Gerald sucker punched me in the face before I knew what was happening. It is war now. I tell you ... all I have and all I am will make sure he pays for this in the most legal way possible. He is mad cause I wont sleep with him ... and I am mad cause he thinks he can hit me.

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