Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

37:10 And the world goes ....

So I was sitting here searching different names on the net and and found this ... "Here's to happiness.....25 Oct 2005 by parce021
I stop worrying, stop thinking, and stop hurting. I'm finding every day that he has
what it takes to make me happy. I just hope that he's willing to give that to me.
Matthew Leffler.... how exciting you've made my world....
parce021 - " - thats Brent. A lot can change in just a year aye?
I got a call from Nathan just a bit ago about going out to the Mag Bar. Even though he just moved a block down the street we have only gotten the chance to hangout once this month. And I was as usual a drunk mess. We are tentatively gonna see about Sunday night. But then also on Sunday I am tentatively supposed to have dinner with Lexington David. So its all what it is I guess.
Talked to Cory earlier he seems a tad annoyed that I didnt call here since we hung out saturday night. But then I have had company with Robert visiting and all.
They found a lump and my grandmothers breast. I'll know more here soon.
As always,

Matthew Leffler

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