Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

38:03 The J factor

So anyhow the beautiful boy I mentioned that I shared my bed with one night that I wasnt going to pursue text messaged me at 5 am two nights ago ... hmm ... I would have JUMPED on that offer but at that moment Alex was sound asleep in my bed. So last night me and the J factor discussed him coming over and then decided that it would be best to possibly push it off to tomorrow night...thats tonight. It is saturday. I havent been out to the bar since unprecedented week for me. We have the plans to mingle through the night and not let on that we have hung out alone and I fully plan to leave alone and then ... if he so wishes he can call. And thats when the saturday night will really begin.
After last weeks fiasco and the weekend before it I am entering the bar in a different mind set. I am going to drink just enough to be buzzing rather than fall on my face drunk...( or at least thats my plan ) and I am dressing conservatively and listening to happy happy go lucky music and seeking to bring the word "humble" back into my vocabulary for my actions. People like calm happy people who are humble. And thats the night I want to have ... plus with the idea of what is to come after I can be free of worrying how I present myself to other pressure, just enjoyment and be enjoyable to be around.
This of course is a protected message as I dont feel like broadcasting my bedroom schedule too too detailed to people who may be on the schedule. Luckily if your reading this...your free from that cyclone.

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