Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

38:08 FYI

So I went out. And I held my own. I didnt look like an ass and I didnt get mad at anyone instead I made friends I stayed cool and I made it through the night. I gave David a paxil cause I swear you can feel it on the first pill and he admitted yes...this shit is good. Its like exstacy. You feel good yawning, you feel good in the worst spot, you just simply feel good. And for me if the paxil doesnt make me feel good then the wellbutrin is trying to help too. Serotonin is the key. You see...the wellbutrin makes the brain make extra Serotonin and the paxil is a Serotonin Retake inhibitor forceing the body to hold on to what Serotonin it has...point being...I have a lot of Serotonin and that is suspected to be the item that makes us happy. And ... I have to say that I have no reason other than these pills to say I actually feel really well...I feel more so like how I want to be than how I have. I feel positive and supportive of my friends and I feel that this is the key to my happiness. I am all about others and these are what make me happy and tonight...I found that. Hopefully after I get past the lose of Brent and the cancer in my grandmother I can be this on my own...but till then...I'll be the paxil, wellbutrin, concerta boy that makes me who I want to be.

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