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Its hard to convey your thoughts in here while also talking to people at work...I am surprised that my previous entry had any carry through from paragraph to paragraph.
So the thing that was hanging on my car is gone???? :-) My tail light is busted out greater than I looks like I need two tires, a do dad lugnut thingy and a car wash. I think I am running into the I keep my laptop, go on vacation, or fix the car?? Most unhappy with this situation at hand. Most unhappy.
I'm being quickly demonized now. :-) Ignored for the 98% of who I am...and remembered and reverred for a moment that would challenge anyone's resolve.
So...I am resigning. I resign any further grief over it all and at this point repect a line from last night......If you have a problem with it, it is YOUR problem. Cause I don't hold on to requires answers and moving on....not dwelling and dramatizing.
Back to normal. I like me new laptop. :-) I have no idea what to do with my bedroom. lol.....decor, style....its all so uninteresting to me. I tried to shot for classy and minimal....and now I feel likemy room has the personality of a hotel room. I think its time to paint.
Yawn...its late and I am bored.

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