Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

In addition ...

The more important message is the one before this. So if you havent read that ignore the entry your reading. Just scroll down.

So I said the Walmart after it reacted to the evil Christian evangelicals who are nothing but liars and whores...
I just wanted to thank you. I know who ever reads it if anyone is probably an entry level person who does their best to respond to emails but ...
"The corporate actions that had triggered the protest plans were little different from those taken by scores of major companies in recent years — Wal-Mart paid $25,000 this summer to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and donated $60,000 to Out and Equal, which promotes gay-rights advances in the workplace."
I live in Kentucky. Not the red neck part but Louisville the few sane areas around here. I just wanted to say.
I am a gay man. I was raised southern baptist and I dealt with issue related to what conservatives near me would think about my life.
It wasnt a choice for me. It was for you.
Thank you. I'll support you because you said to me that I was a valued customer. Again, thank you.

Matt Leffler

See these typical assholes who profess christian values are boycotting or were boycotting Walmart for the fact they support me.

Sorry if I boycott organized religion and view them as the devils work and the greatest threat to society's equality. I need to really take up the domain I bought ... . They are. They are evil and they respresent satan in any manifest I can think of in our time. Sorry. But I'd rather live under the old reign of Iraq than a world with these horrible people. It takes everything in my past up bringing to ignore chrisitian conservatives as the worst form of bigots left to spread their hate and horrible views. I dont hate them. I am a christian. I forgive them as ignorant people who need prayer and compassion.

On to a new subject ...

By my last comment on here only hours ago you can tell I was a tad down. But I found a lot of happiness in going out tonight. Even if these people ( two who were hitting on me ) werent aware of the game I am playing. See ... they may have not been ... but I dont know ... all I know is that I am kinda tired of superficial ends to my night. One was really cute. One was playing darts. One was flirting, and I tried as best I could to flirt back ... but I was reserved. See ... I am not after another one nighter. I've had plenty. I'd rather sleep alone than with someone new each night. The game I play ... is for keeps. And ... I dont know who else is, all I know ... I am safer ignoring things and going home alone.

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