Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I can see happiness from here!

So anyhow...I sit back and all I can see or say is I am a tad drunk as any usual sunday morning but my message.

" If we had know it would be so hard would we have set out together? Now I look into your eyes, would we have set out together? I can see happiness together. We are flying above the clouds....flying so beautiful, love lifts us up, there is so much happiness...dont ever stop."

Old songs from my old years but so true today. Never loose sight of the horizon. Horizonmll was my screen name born from that idea.

Focus people. In everything bad there is happiness. There can be a fine night tonight and a fine day tomorrow if you want it. We craft it, we make the next day ... a fine day tomorrow. All up to us.

Winks to David, Derrick, James, Shane, Brad, eric, Little Greg..... they all made the night a fine night tonight.

Tomorrow. Thats all on me. Whether tomorrow is great is my choice. Will tomorrow suck? It is all about what I get up too. All about what measure I seek. I think ... tomorrow needs to be a day of me. No friends. No chance to be lifted no chance to be let down. Me. I see myself going back to the look out Brent and I went to on our first date. Looking out and seeing it is all still there. I see myself going to McNelley Lake where I had a cross country race. I see myself running it. Proving I am not any less the man I was then and only better from then. I see myself looking at my mother, and at my grandmother and telling them they raised a number....but I am right here.

Long ago in my young years I saw so much potential. My blindness is my own. Anything is still possible and I am still possible of being anything. Have your dreams. BUT follow them. See them and hold them and seek them. With a dream to be leaving, with one step you can cross a wide ocean and begin your journey. This day begins to gather.

I see a day of class, affirmation and self fullfillment. Fuck all the trials, screw all that holds me down. Tomorrow is my off the air self fullfillment day. I may be at red river gourge, I dont know....I will be here or there...but whereever I am I'll be there for my own triumph.

Bring it on. Sunday is mine. And THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

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