Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

In his defense

So over the last four nights I have worked at Norton and came home meeting the same guy that I have been talking about for a spell on here. I sincerely really like him. He does very little wrong in my eyes. He sneaks in compliments, and I relish curling up around him and sleeping.
But several of my friends keep saying negative stuff about him. So I took it to task tonight. I told David ... you call him slutty but you've never been there. Robbie does but he hasnt. Thomas may but he hasnt. Joey may but he hasnt. many figures but none with personal knowledge. Jordan has even told me about that ... what others say behind his back. I shrugged it off and told him that usually the ones that say that dont know him, probably wouldnt mind knowing him and know he is extremely attractive. The ugly side of human nature is to beat down what is beautiful that we don't have.
End result. I think highly of him and I defend him and few sway my thoughts. I'd rather be sitting beside him that not lately.
Passion, affection, surprises and of course great sex ... really bring 2006 to a surprising good close. So as some may judge I know the last four nights and even before that many nights more I've talked to him, I've kissed him and I wake up looking at him. We have the perfect sleep position worked out, spooning, my hand on his waist, my lips just barely touching his back and his feet sitting on mine. So many points of contact. Thats something I like.

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