Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Stepping up, and playing the game.

As mom was entering surgery today I sat there with my step father and he said "We've never been close but I know it means a lot to your mom that your here now, and it means a lot to me personally." I was like. well, wether we have been close or not we have a common love for my mom so at times like these far apart can pull together for the ones we love. I was glad I was there waiting in the waiting room for her to arrive.

Also .. the guy I like's ex is entering the scene. A game seems to be building cause I figured out that his ex is also messageing me online now. I was suspicious from the first message so now I know to close any exchange down between us cause it will only build to a game of who is gonna get and end up with who. I'll be a boys biggest fan, but as I mentioned countless times on here before I can let go if I feel that things arent going ( exception obviously for the last ) so I have some expectations I am keeping to myself right now but I am not gonna be tangling in competition with an ex for someone's attention. I have learned these competitions most often end rather unpredicatable and I'll be a classier guy if I stay above it.

oh and adding this cause I like how it follows my mind ...

and whats in the stars?
Your enthusiasm is growing and until now you were ready to jump in, for you couldn't find a reason to hold back. Today, however, as Mercury enters calculating Capricorn, you wonder if it's all as good as it appeared. Do your homework to make certain that you know exactly what you are planning to do. Then, make your final decision based on facts and not faith.
Thursday, December 28, 2006

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