Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

off the next couple days

off the next couple days and i realized 3 things....

1. I was an ass to Jordan on Saturday. My drinking got in the way of what was going to happen. Sure he flirted, but at the end he was going to go home with me ... most likely. I've apologized and decided not to get so drunk. If I think someone is going to screw up ... it may be better to let them than for me to beat them in screwing up. But...he is at least talking to me. And I have decided if things repair...I cant screw them up.

2. You cant kill the anti christ. I watched Omen and Omen II and guess what... its in the bible and that guys gonna fullfill his verses in revaulation.

3. It is Jan. 4 2007 and the new democratic congress is opening and I have nothing but nicotine gum, patches and paxil with concerta in a day or two to keep me sane. As you may recall I swore I'd stop smoking if the dems took office and today they do and I HATE republicians so I MUST stop smoking or else I am as weak as them. :-)

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