Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Bush and LMPD suck!

Unrelated but somewhat related.  George W Bush is a complete moron.  He is an idiot and a fool.  And as I got home I found I was more affraid of LMPD thAN i was of terrote.  LMPD has a history of killing unalarmed people here than terroist.  

Thecops are misdirected and the feds are republican which means they are sticks in the mud looking destroy everyone else.  I dated a rep. and they dont care.  Republicians are evil ... unless your rich.  And the cops generally are reps. so cops suck equally.  They are unrulely, have little respect for law and need oversight.   Cops are not the comman man's friend and anytime i see them I think I deserve less city taxes cause they dont do shit.

Fuck a bunch of police and 86 a bunch of cops.  Oh ... and I made out with colin a lot tonight.  Three times our lips hit and I kissed back and kissed like I had no reason to kiss anyone else, btw I didnt so it was true.  I go out a lot and rarely do I kiss a boy like him cause I am to drunk or too wrapped up in the idea that I like this boy and boys I like always fail me.  It was good.

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