Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I want to be ...

Bree Mason - Van De Kamp - Hodge (Marcia Cross doppiata da Franca D'Amato): descritta come la "Martha Stewart col turbo", Bree è una religiosa WASP, ultra-conservatrice, repubblicana con manie di perfezione. Infatti per lei sarà un duro colpo scoprire i gusti sado-maso del marito Rex, l'omosessualità del figlio Andrew e la relazione della figlia Danielle con un vicino di colore

I often go out and I act like an ass in the face of bitchy stuff.  But the more and more i think...I could be her.  If I were just a little more ...W W B H do?

My dad did remind me after my break up to always think ... "classy" when I do something.  Obviously I dont but ... I really think the more and more I'll just think,  ... what would bree hodge do?

So help me if I am out and remind me ... Bree would be???

Course like any "classy" raised person with the happy crappy is more like me and her ... more fittingly ... this video:

But you have to love her for it.  So next time I flip out and make an ass of myself ... dont ask why I keep muttering ...  WWBH do?

cause THIS is how we do it ... 

point is...see me out, obviously tipsy and impaired  ... just call me Bree.

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