Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Another Gay Movie

Hillarious and hot. .... lol. "Another Gay Movie" I rented this off netflix. I am supposed to be showing it at work tomorrow night but even I realize this is totally not work appropriate. Too much techno, hot butts, beautiful boys, inside gay jokes, glow sticks in ass conversation, drugs and walk on porn stars.... yeap, I think this will not be the Sunday night Norton movie. But I did rip it to my hard drive. love the little stuff like how this asian girl talks in english but they put up like chinese subtitles under her. 
Or how the boy I like the most goes over to his teachers house in swimming trunks cause he was invited over for "water sports" he slyly says .... marco polo.  and i am have no idea:-)  And then the explosive issue that happens when a boy decides his first time should be with richard hatch but the 3 enemas he did leaves Mr. Hatch sitting in his bedroom thinking....what am I doing here?  And stay away from glory holes cause it could be someone you are related too.  oh...and I learned something...Belgium Chocolate.  That was a new term for me.  Funny....but I kinda vomitted a little in my mouth.


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