Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

And we are at war ...

Here at work I am tempered by Derrick's moderation and non-conflict ways.  But tonight I am flying solo here on the Help Desk and just down the hall I am having to listen to some loud rap cause the stars have aligned to place two loud individuals in the same PACS area and they are blaring rap.  Rap has it's place just not surrounding me here at my desk.  ( I kinda hate it really. ) Point being normally Derrick would put his finger down and prevent what is now happening.  Da Buzz blaring from my desk over taking their rap and they tried to raise the rap and ... I demonstrated the power of my ability to drown them out.  I can see this is gonna be a night full of privately waged wars.  

An other example of this aggressiveness is David.   I called him back and got his voice mail, he called me back and I was on the phone at work, so I called him back and he didnt answer so I am just gonna not answer and leave it at that cause while he could be is like this all the time when I call so no need to chase after some conversation that really isnt gonna include any real substantial interest to me.  

Oh well...I need a hair cut.  I am meeting a few friends out tomorrow night and Jimmy is coming up from TN to join me on Tuesday night out.  Colin and I have discovered each others AIM and so that is revolutionary to our communication levels.   I am gonna have to attempt to force him into making out tuesday since I suspect we are both past our colds.  In fact I think I am gonna send him that in a text message.  Be prepared for me to find a dark corner.  

Eubank KY.  There is a guy there I have a mild interest in named Matt.  We shall see how that goes.


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