Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

My official opinion

My official opinion of tonights drama is: at some point a guy, my friend greg has an issue with, came in and I said Hi....Greg became mad at me for saying hi.  I told multiple people at the bar that night after following that judeas out to the street ..... that any friend who tells you who to be friends with is an asshole!  Even after Brent I told Ed not to pick friends.  That a guy who makes you pick is an asshole.  I bitched at colin cause I told him he was being used by greg to piss me off.  I yelled at colin and told him to go find greg and not me.   Of course we cleared it up cause it was easily figured out.  I wasnt being the eight grader. default.  Any one who FOLLOWS greg and ignores me at his bidding is subject to equal treatment.  ( Thats you shane, you say you read my journal here is your first mention in it ) and anyone who acts like an ass over this and doesnt know the whole story will equally find I have no time for them.  Colin quickly found that out and so will someone else.  He (some one other than Greg and Shane who already acted like asses ) was a trusted friend but I suspect he already learned what he needed and as I said about Colin......OH WELL....not like it will effect my day to day.  I will not be put in a situtation where I have to explain my hellos to someone else.  So....ya.  If you make me pick I chose the other one.  If you dont care that I am being made to chose then join the other side.  If you dont ... I'll treat you like you did anyway.

I wont apologize for saying Hi to someone.

At one point tonight Greg said thy should ask for a bartender???????   Is he a stupid idiot or what??  This isnt his world.  He is old, pathetic and with out an ATM card he hs no body next to him but his friends like me.  Who he is trying to think will be kicked out cause he is pissed.  Get over it Greg.  Take your Mark bullshit and the guys you can buy and go somewhere poeple want a nursing home.  

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