Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Your an idiot

So Greg and George Bush have reached an equal level in my mind.  George Bush is an idiot in all equally normal thoughts.  As a complete failure as the Anti-christ we just are left with the idea anyone who voted for him is in all respects a satinist.  But Greg is a boring subject.  One story of a beaten old man who couldnt pull together the people to make a show at either wed or thurs night out.  Oh he did try ... he called more than one of my friends to pull together a lapse group of people who put money above morals....and he failed as more than one of them told me he tried to make a show.  And he did make a of a poor ignorant man who can only call on the weakest people who are easily cast aside.  A fool and a complete manipulative person who should be put to sudden and complete social death.  ( ouch can you tell my view on him? ) My father called me a fool for ever talking to him in the beginning of this year.  His stock is at an all time low and he doesnt have what he falls back on ( his budget ) to make him look important.  He threatened to kick me out of a bar and I called the bluff and pointed out ... he is nothing.  He is old...he is Albert Brooks.  An idiot asshole who said "how obvise is this " about a cancer patient who was a journalist in a wig.  He is dispicable.  He has never suffered his stories are lies and he is nothing more than what I dont want to be ... the old manipulative baby a chasing "john" who pays for his sex.  A cute boy walked up and I leaned to a friend and said ... no.  He isn't cute.  Greg says they slept together.  Personally I find HIV alot less of an alarm than those who sleep with Greg.  I'd rather be with a guy with HIV who made a poor choice about a condom than be with a boy who sold his body and his soul for the nights drinks Greg can buy.  Shame.  Shame on that nasty boy and shame on Greg.  
So I keep going out.  I keep out showing him and I keep seeing how disperate he is .... and how much a failure that fucker is.  
I went out tonight.  I had fun and I made out with a couple others and Greg ... and his minion ... (sorry just one) are on the quick out and they were absent as I would suspect from the scene.  Show me your power bitch, cause I'll show you the mirror\.  Burn baby burn.
There is hope for Greg and his bitch.  I am growing over the bar.  I realize it breeds Gregs at 40 and even at 50 like him they keep trying to hold on to the abnormal pitch they put fourth of themselves....I'll find a real happiness....and suddenly I see....Greg is part of what has held me back.

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