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So I am rejoicing as my work week has now ended. my two plus one cats are laying on my bed cuddling and I am up way too late. Been playing a game....hungout with an interestingly refreshing crew last night. Was cool.
I really have nothing profound to say right now. But I did want to check in and see how the LJ world was turning. is a REALLY weird thought I had today. Which to me is profound and judging by my previous entries you'd agree. I am content right now...with not officially being anyone's boyfriend. I was driving in the car and singing along to some dance love song as usual....but it was different....there wasnt anyone that I really could place in that song. A love song....that to me...has no connections to anyone either due to too short of an amount of time dating....or having already missed the bus with the others. And...I didnt feel bad. I was like...oh darn, now I dont have anyone to answer too but me.
Doug is coming up in a week or so...weekend after VD day. :-) I hope to see the whole army of folks I like out that night in their PJs......would really suck if i was the only one that took the PJ thing seriously. :-)
I am content with my job. Even with a week off I am 1 computer behind the top sales guy for the month....:-) Plus I finally did the math and I actually do alot better than I thought. Guess by my paycheck I am starting a career rather than a job.
Been playing around on me laptop past few hours....still love that thing.
Isn't it nice, when all you have is yourself...and thats all you need? Dont get me wrong I am still the hopeless romantic waiting for my prince and all...but what I have around me seems to be the best scenario.
My roommate is a mystery to me. Right now we are polar opposites. I am content and he seems to be extremely not too happy with stuff. BUT....when life gives you lemons....make lemonade!

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