Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

over it

So I had the wonderful chance to talk to basically no one I want to date tonight.  IT was so great!!!!

#1   If we have slept together and I found something missing in my house after you left I dont really give a shit where you are....and that kinda negates two people there tonight.

#2 If you've had multiple months to react to me and your still acting like nothing then get ready....step aside I have no real interest in you.  ( Hint ... if you send a lot of impersonal text messages to people and you have never answered my phone calls unless I was picking you up...then this is YOU.  I.E.  You told me that there was two Ls in your name from reading it in this journal....this is you!)  See...I'll chase some one but if your so busy making out with everyone at the bar I'll ask others near me.....he doesnt know why he has so many colds?  FYI your just a friend and I dont feel like kissing you.  "Sucks to be you"

#3 I saw two guys I wanted and two guys heard it and one guy got my number and one guy will get m attention.  It is called common sense.

Sorry I am too confident about myself to chase #1s and I am too over #2s to give a shit.

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