Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


so to the people who are new to my sight. If you feel I like you..can you realize this short video? I hit the bar and most likely am over it. I only went out this much to catch a glimpse of my ex. But I was dragged out which is why I wont leave the bartender til I can think I cover my intentions. It has been almost a year to the day I last saw my ex, but ... a testament to the boys of Louisville...I havent found anyone worth looking at in the same way.
Sure I see cute boys...and I see them kiss someone else and I ax them from my list. I remember I fell inlove with a guy and he didnt kiss that kinda shuts down everyone I know. Everyone.

No I'm not dying. But my love life might as well have. I have an extreme problem meeting someone...anyone...I care about a fraction I did for my ex from a year ago. And this holds me back. But I dont feel like I've missed anything. I loved him enough to allow a year to slip away.

I go to the bars and I meet others. And no sooner do I say hi do they make out with someone else and wonder why I never call them. Guess what. If we have been at the bar and your lips hit someone elses you'll notice mine didnt...which is why...mine arent worth yours. So ... I keep waiting. I dont want to settle and I wont.

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