Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I'm awake.

So after a three night stretch of 12 hour shifts at work I finally crawled outa bed. I'm awake 14 hours later since I went to bed. But ... right now I have a slight grin and am dancing in my living room to my music with a glass of wine in hand ... hours from my paycheck hitting, days before I grab that second the beginning of 12 of 14 days off with my car sitting in its spot. I walked around the full swimming pool which is clear finally...on the phone planning my night out still in my PJs with the smart move hitting the tanning bed last night obviously paying off in my complextion. And its all is summer in my mind and I am devising some plans of romance growing, I'm enjoying it right now and I feel like sharing, showing and demonstrating a touch of happiness and class. Donna Summer blares ... and I am awake. Oh and oddly after I stopped taking my paxil, I dont feel anxious! lol. weird.

Enough is enough.

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