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4:24 Rules of Engagement

The following is my professional opinion. Formed and molded across 8 years or so engaged in human intereaction. To me this is the levels of human interaction

Nuttin- need I say more?
Aquaintances - ya so you've been to a party and we talked acouple times...years from now don't expect me to remember much of it...especially if I was drunk. ( too often people walk up and are like I met ya at a party in 1998...I'm dont know who's party I was at last month) This is like limited liability relationship...I acknowledge i know ya...but i am not liabel for anything done by either party.
Friends - A much smaller compact group. i speak to you at least once a month and we hangout as opportunity allows.
Inner Circle - Sorry max of about 3 openings here. These people require years of experience and tolerance to my nutty behavior. They are not measured by how much I have seen them this month...but in my life...and how good and bad those times were.

These are all based upon none sexual reactions to each other. The following would can double from a person above but "with benefits" would be added to their resume.

Trick: I neglected to get a number, so did he...but all purposes and goals were served.
Dating: Metcha...and i promise nothing more than I say. I could be with ya today, i might be with someone else tomorrow. This genre is a hectic one that often is misread. No matter what you think I mean...ask yourself have I said it? Often used...consider it a free-trial version. Or a temp to hire??
Boyfriend: Alright so I said it. Upon the mutual verbal contractual agreement that we will only seek each other your now roped in and screwed. :-) God help us both. This is a rare level of relationship status I dont often reach. The number of BFs I have had just recently spilled onto the second hand in 8 yrs of dating.
Husband: brandon...only person who has earned this distinction. Possibly the only one who will ever. The holding back, no sugar coating....years of history...and a mutual agreement that once we were an empire.

So anyhow....this is subject to change at any moment.

What was the importance of that? I just wanna lay it down how I view relationships. The most important part of this "I mean what I say, and say what I mean." If I didnt say it...then I dont mean it. Dont read into anything more than reading english for english.

Now...on another front. Gateway is fun fun....go moved to fulltime. So thats great. But i must run and will update soon. Also there are a lot of friend postings I need to make very soon.

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