Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So last night was actually a pretty cool time.  Derrick and I had a couple drinks at my place pool side talking to Danny.  Greg joined us and after hunting down Adolf ( who briefly decided to explore the backyard of our neighbor ) we hit the bar.  Mind ya at that time I was already feeling the effects of my jello shots and vodka/red bull.  The night went well.  we all watched the show, joey and what I assume was his boy joined us, we ran into Nathan and his boy and Shane and David and Collin and Cole and the night just progressed with ease.  Curt helped to concel out Greg's discussions of boys boys boys and after a fast jump in the pool we headed to meet up with some other at Denny's.  We ran into Eric on the street outside the bar who mentioned he read my journal, which Derrick heard and walked off about cause we had recently at work discussed how lately I've been getting reviews on it.  That kinda stuff feeds my ego.  As the sun rose I stood outside cold and wet...( neglected to strip out of my clothes before jumping in the pool. ) It was an effortless night, and I enjoyed it.  

I did over sleep to show up for work at Tumbleweed.  I am kinda on the fence with whether I want a second job now.  I mean ... I don't NEED one, so its a question of if I want one.  

Still fantasies of chicago dance in my head.  I'll rehash the idea of a move up there over and over until I actually do it.  I did apply for several similiar jobs to what I do now up there.  Derrick may go if it is financially prudent.  

I think I am gonna grab some thing to eat and hangout in the pool.  Effortless nights followed by effortless days.  Sounds heavenly.


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