Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Matt Lefflerish move in Court pisses off judge

So today ended my wonderful court appearances. I was chipper, tired (from having been swimming from 4am to 8am) in a hurry to get back to my bedmate and probably still a tad drunk cause I had only stopped drinking 3 hours prior to it.

So while the female judge was talking I made a Lefflerish mistake...wink. I winked at her. It was an attempt to politely show her I was listening to her. She took it as if I was hitting on her. She stopped the procedings and told me never to do that in court, that it was disrespectful ... I think she thought I was flirting with her. lol. My lawyer even chimmed in.

Sorry I was just trying to be an active listener and was ready to high tail it out of there.

SO ... dont wink at a judge.

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