Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Sanja just give me one freaking moment!

Odd ... how the dream world can just do such weird stuff.  Brent and I were hanging out in this dream.  He had come to hang out with someone else at my house but I finally got him to talk to me and I was gonna say I was sorry for this and that .... I was gonna finally say goodbye.  But Dr. Sanja Gupta from CNN kept hitting on Brent and wouldn't let me say goodbye.  After the third time I grabbed Sanja by the collar and we feel down these stairs and I was yelling how I'd destroy his credibility if he didnt just give me one freaking moment.  (BTW my house was really nice) .... lol ... what pissed me off even more was Sanja had his long time boyfriend there with us all.  Sanja Gupta kept stopping me from going away on good terms.  
What in the hell was that all about?  Mom looked good.  Brent looked great.  I recall he was leaving but wouldnt talk to me until I grabbed  him and was give me this .... you still love me so let me say something cause I need too and if you didnt love me wouldnt have a problem with saying goodbye.  He got teary and I was teary and it was like ... breack through time....but never got to say anything cause I woke up falling down stairs fighting with Gupta.


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