Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

chapter 32

 Its time.  Its over.  Love you all, but I think its the point that I've obviously over stayed.  Some of us are meant to be here .... now.  My now is gone.  I wish you all the luck of the irsh (how much luck is that?) ... but Its time for Matt Leffer to step aside, time for me to give up. 

Goodnight all......(except josh and jordan and derrick) ..... Josh were my friend and never invited me out ... even though you invited my roommate.  We dont hang out a lot, but I'd not do that to you.

Derrick ... you dont think any thning is wrong with hitting on a guy I used to want.  I have no words of wisdom for this, cause ... I dont think your that stupid.

Curt .... we had issues with hanging out.  I love you.  My only issue were that I'd always stand by you.....and I make mistakes .... and I stand alone. Wish you'd been here.   Night guy.

Jimmy - keep the faith.  You are more me than I'd admitt.

Close friends - ... good night.  I am planning a sleep that should take upn sometime, but I'll see you sometime.

I've tried to hand myself, over dose ... sll in the past couple weeks.  You sll need to see the issues and fight them, ease you'll just be friend with Matt Leffler.

I love my cats.  I miss them, they represented that I could care for others.  I've lost that.  I gained a roommate who deosnt care, and surrounded myself with friends who pick others over me.  

It is a lonely place, so ... good night all.  Just do me a favor.....

it is so over done but....

Do unto others as you'd have them do until you.

Goodnight. Yes ... where this is directed, I've tried twice in two weeks.  Hopefully I'll succeed ... and not look like an asshole.

I love Jordan...evfen thought he doesnt me.  I love derrick even though he doesnt me, Thanks curt, you helped push this past the time and date I planned.  Stick to all you do, and others will love you.

I love greg, So ... good night greg.  Just do this ... "always be classy)



Night again to you all. 

No expression...hide my head i hide my expressioon.  Mad world.  Happy birthday, happy birthday.  No one knew me.

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