Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

 So I had some important talking point I wanted to add to my journal tonight.  But as the seconds further forward I realize my policy speech means realitively nothing.  See I have a tick that what I think is the right thing for everyone else.  My personal thoughts were discussed a length tonight between me and a couple I didnt know at all.  And I kinda found that they were saying to me what I claim to say to others...while it isn't for me ... who am I to tell others what is right for them.  I stil feel odd about this cause you all know I think I am the authority on everything but I see an issue I cant figure out and I called myself "Mitt Romeny" tonight at the bar.  Closed minded and pushing my beliefs on everyone else.

I have a lot of different views and I use that arguement to support my ideas.  But when others differ with me I am closed and unsupportive.  Slightly double thoughtish.  Being a true liberal is saying ... I don't see it but if you do then I'll accept it for you.  Expecting them to accept it for me.  Sorry I have been one way on my beliefs...sorry I see my world as the one Truth.  There are multiple Turths.  Yours and mine.

Nothing really else to say.  But that like everyone else ... I have an idea for myself, and I need to learn to support your ideas for yourself.  I may be thirty in several (several) months ... but I am still learning and growing.  But thats good...when you arent learning and growing, your either dead or a republician.

Oh and check out my halloween outfit.  In either the November Letter (gay paper in Louisville and areas) or on myspace.  My name there is ferocitymatt.  It was a cute event.  I feel good.  I feel like I'm growing, and that is the secret to becoming the person you want to be.

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