Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

One short day in the emerald city...

So as Derrick, Joey, Jarriett and I left the casino boat this morning.  I was feeling pretty good and lucky.  Sure at one point I could have walked out of there with 250 dollars more than I had when I came in but I managed to walk out with $35 more and lasted the whole while on the original fifty I put down.  Marveling at how bright the sun could be ( I usually avoid exposure to it now a days ... but it looked fine on the fields there in Indiana. )  Then the call I've been stressing over for two weeks came and I checked the voicemail.   "I need to see you tomorrow to sign the lease on the  apartment you wanted.  You got approved and you can have the keys tomorrow."  WooHoo  Then came the call from Curt to say they had called him too so he could tell me.  Nice to have good mornings and multiple elements of a feeling of accomplishment.  

So woohoo.  I made good.  Swung by LG&E and started the process of utilities being put in my name.  Dropped $250 on them to pay off my old debts from my apartment from 2001 - 2006.  Tomorrow I have to hand the new landlord $1050 and that is doable.  So I am gonna take a long warm bath and prepare as I can for the exciting new life beginning tomorrow.  The future is unlimited. 

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