Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

 Woohoo!  lol.  I find it funny that I am excited over small things but I think within the past 2 weeks a lot of small things have came into .... weirdly all simply waiting for me to accomplish them.  Like I've always been capable of doing stuff I wanted and reaching a better life but I kinda lacked the drive to do anything progress for myself.  But now I am sitting here in the dining room area in my pretty big apartment for one guy, looking into the living room at nice furniture making plans for this and that to be delivered and anticipating a return to my 2005 days of semingly being together ... (true I say seemingly)  I'd say the pivital poor choices from that era have been corrected but since then a lot of what was good has been just ... what it is ... and I'm feeling things from the post Carysle good meeting the Carysle days.  This is going to be a good holiday season.

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