Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


 good times.   Good times this weekend, went out each night ... and had a good time each time which was almost free from interception.  

Tonight someone said something due to either loyalty or their own experience based upon many many times the amount of time that the messenger knew anyone ... the messenger being the one who reported the line that was said and when the person mentioned messaged the person next to me ... I said ... and how often does he talk to you?  Almost as much as he talked to me.

I'm disappointed that if someone near me says something it appears to get reported back ... but I'm more so solidified when it is noted that the comment really has no bearing upon my life or the one who said it.  

But most important ... RIP Victor Lang

Fairview Mayor Victor Lang was tragically killed during Sunday's tornado outbreak shortly after being released from the hospital.  Mr. Lang rushed to his wife upon the news of the storm and heroically died while trying attempting to rescue citizens.  He is survived by his devoted father and loving wife.  Gifts in his memory can be made to the Fairview Humane Society.

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