Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


 Yeah I know the last entry was for a new chapter....34, but tonight a complete asshole was pulled to light.

There isn't much a secret that right now I think Derrick is a dog.  But I am trying to take the high road cause addressing his sad life would simply be me looking back at someone I am glad to have behind me.  But ... recentlt Jordan called Derrick "Shaddy" and Jarriet heard this and repeated it to Derrick and Derrick messaged Jordan.  And ... then ... Derrick apparently suggested that they should hang out.  Derrick and Jordan.  See it just goes to show that Derrick is completely clueless how UGLY and nonfriendly he appears that he would message one of my friends and suggest they hangout.  Heck I'd bet that cheap ass slutty Derrick would spread his legs to anyone I hangout with just cause the only thing that matters to this elementary bitch is who likes them and who doesn't.

Nice to know Jordan felt like pointing this out to me.  Just points out further how Derrick is a complete shit who has nothing going for him that his youth and how I've made the right decision here.  I don't want Derrick around me.  I don't want him in my life and it pisses me off that he is so stupid and immature that he has to try to go for my friends to attempt to make himself feel normal.  

.... now back to chapter 34.  Fuck a bunch of Derrick Russell.  Cunt as bitch.

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