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 So since the customer service driven idiots of the World of Warcraft players who make up 75% of our night staff at work couldn't pause there games when they had to work none of us are now able to have our laptops up and running for anything bu educational stuff.  Course I did play games at work but mine were turn based and allow me to step away while their games where real time.  

So, I guess I have to go back to college now and get a bachelor in information technology (in just a year since I have so many trnafering credits) and then I suppose I'll move on this time next year and start the MIS program.

I always made fun of the World of Warcraft virtual livers but now they have helped push me to move forward.  So it is done. 

I am to play host tomorrow afternoon to my mother and grandparents.  Looking forward to it.  The apartment is show worthy and even in the past few days I've built it up to a better spot.  Jordan remarked ... "Your almost husband material" cute ... but accurate.  Good job that will be enhanced by my new educational drive, an apartment that has a charm and nice stuff, and a good perception of what I want forward.

I think next weekend I am going to nix the idea of a holiday party and instead invite a half dozen friends to join me on a journey to enjoy another town.  Why half a dozen?  While my new crew is a lot more reliable I think it is smart to invite 6 and expect 4.  Honestly, I can do it with just one more and I know I have at least that.

I am retiring my laptop.  Been using it now since April but selling it at a cut rate special price to Jordan and in turn expecting him to sell his for a good price to Dana.  Full expectations that it will continue my recent smart moves.

The car i think has it's days numbered.  Not by running issues but a continued desire by my parents to see it retired.  Luckily I have now for about 6 months dropped 160 a month into my mother's checking account and it appears likely with each continued smart move on my part that the family will continue to rise to supportive levels.  Funny ... how if you ask for 50 bucks and give them nothing back they think I am immature.  Ask for a thousand and give them 160 a month and they feel it is an investment.

Aim high my friends, and surround yourself with equals in an environment that breeds happiness. 

And ... btw, those who fought WWII are considered the greatest generation.  They are, but I dont think it is that because of anything more than circumstance.  They faced the first time that technology allowed smaller nations to place larger ones that didn't put the same belief in technology into dreams of building an empire.  Sure the end result was that the rest of the world won, but only after embracing science and now we the priveledge argue and toil with vietnam or Iraq but we never face an equal enemy because as long as we hold true to technology we don't fall back into the ignorance of yesturday.  My grand father fought with the greatest generation but what makes them the greatest is that they faced a real challenge and since thier sacrifice we've chosen our wars.  They didn't.

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