Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


So last night while chatting with a cute guy online my roomie and I decided to go out to the bar...and lucky me so was the cute guy. :-)
The night concluded with shear fanfare of hanging out with awesome new people from St. Louis, and making out with the mysterious enchanting guy from the earlier online ocnversation. In a strong attempt to show my interest...(kinda hard to show anyone attention while at the bar) I suggested we run back to my house and get him a shirt so we could go get something to eat...dont ya love a cute guy that comes to the bar shirtless in Anyhow...btw I am as always...drunk.
We never got to the breakfest...but I had a great oppurtunity to talk for a good amount of time with him and kissing obviously. was a good night.
Unfortunately today I felt the pain of my nights drinking...and my 7th straight day at So I am staying in tonight making dinner and off tomorrow...planning to spend the day enjoying the weather and cleaning house.
I over extended myself tonight. I dont feel like going out...but had promised like 5 people who have all called to confirm....ughh....I am too invitie when I am drunk at the bar. lol.
So...thats the end of that story. BTW...I have 80,000 in computer sales for the month...:-) yay! While the story is only at 70 % of its budgeted sales...I am in excess. Yes I know I pat myself on the back too often. But I mean...its been a good 48 hours...cute guy, good day at work...and a nice evening in.


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