Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Bored outa me gord

I am pretty chipper about a lot of stuff but just overly annoyed at work.  Feelings about petty new rules that aren't performance based or directed to improve work ... favoritism abounds beyond the job done if it weren't for me being over paid compared to other employeers I'd prolly move on.  Things just are changing around here and the tilt towards some continues to increase in angle.  So ... I have done two things to help change this circling drain effect.  I signed up for several days off next month to give me some immediate relief.  

I was recently readmitted to WKU and plan to take a few gen ed courses that I still need and then this summer I'll start their online program that ends up giving me a BA in IT.  Should really take just about a year?  With that I'll be able to step out of this place.  Its a permenate long term improvement aspect.  I already have somewhere around 80 hours so the completion of this is just stupidly obvious in need.  Plus since I have so much extreme amounts of down time at work that I am not allowed to do anything within but read .... this will be the excellent time to tackle this endeavor.  Plus the BA will be positive to any desired move to Chicago at some point.   Plus an MS in IT wouldnt be bad to have after that and not to far from it.  

Then comes Iraq.  Obviously I am against it ever happening but you know they are paying people extreme mad money to go over there and live in a crazy wild environment.  I'm kinda bored here in Louisville, but stay cause...but then I could work for KBR and do IT work for them over there and still complete my WKU degree online and then arrive home in say a year with over a grand and a hell of an experience.  So I went on and applied for the job.  First time I submitted my resume and had to complete a questionaire asking if I understood that I'll be staying in an area "may be dangerous and are subject to random gun fire, rocket propelled grenades and mortar rounds."  But I'd be in an IT capacity there so i think the excitement would mostly be for others.  Plus heck some guy was strangled to death 40 feet from my desk this weekend while I was working.  So ... bring it.  Plus I'd come home with a tan.  It is like a beach resort mixed with summer camp and some random terrorist. 

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