Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

ma tt leffler is NOT on his game apparently.  After leaving a party and throwing eyes at a boy who returned eyes across the room I left to have breakfest and meet another very cute semi-straight boy ... talked up a conversation and he wrote his number down, and I tore that piece of paper and wrote my number on it and after he left I realized his last digit was on the other half.  So .... do I call all ten possible combinations?????  or do I just leave it to karma?
 And yes this is public now.  I know it is a slight hazard.  I mean ... Jarrit(I didnt spell it right but who cares about him?  Not Curt or Derrick) and Curt already maybe a parody of me and placed it on myspace mocking me and wondering why I am not saying we are all made up.  First time in my life some one has gone to such lengths ... I am almost flattered. ( yes in November I started placing distance between them and me and rather than finding their own life they took my voice and put it to music and parodied it to others who were around me and they laughed and giggled and I ignored it and reminded people we were simply talking now and weren't friends....and curt seems stupidly clueless why I am not joining back in his vicious bitter mock version of friendship again) .... evening saying to him I knew he wasn't smart enough to do it on his own.  I swear ... that bastard every slap he tries to give me a again in public like he likes to do every other time we hang out I am going to deck his ass ... sorry but I've been the better man for months while they attack me from under.
Interesting enough I made comments to a guy I really like tonight that should indicate I like him a lot but I wont name him as I know that Derrick Russell and Curt Morrison are on a spree to see me destroyed.  No it isn't an overstatement.  Each week more comes to light about how they try to attack me while I ignore it.  I have to say I love them both from the bottom of their hooves to the top of their pitch fork!

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