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OPeration Clean Sweep has worked out well. The floors are all moped...cept the kitchen, and vacumed...cept teh bedrooms. I must admitt the rum and oj and my music really Orphan Annie called for a dance routine to be acted out standing on the couch with my backup dancer.....el mop.
COngrats to Doug on his completion of the "Doug World Tour" he is a live journal friend who traveled from Germant, to Columbus (the seat of mine and two of my friends power) Louisville, KY to South Orlando then fially back to his family in my....what a trip! I am sure in more than one way. I have a date tonight? The guy I meet at the bar friday and I are meeting at some oscars party...I am calling my friend Selena cause I need an escourt. Hey it is the South...and we believe in escourts to social events.
My mother and evil step father want me over for dinner. We shall see. He isnt evil...he is just a republician. Ya know...the people who believe that with their small minded life experiences they know the proper life for anyone else..the ones that demand personal freedom for themselves and group devotion to their views. Gawd...those are the people that would actually vote for an asshole like George Bush again...a man who limits domestic personal freedom, attacks oil rich nations for shits and giggles, and then claims the economy is doing great as a national deficit turns into the worst ever and people still cant find jobs worth having. Obvious..I envy the republician party....would be nice to either have no conscience or to be able to stick your head in the sand and not see the troubles around. Only good republician is one who cant vote.
Anyhow...I am a tad drunk at 3 pm...:-) It looks like a festive day is ahead!!! I may go for a drunk jogging trip across the bridge...( 2nd street bridge crosses the Ohio is a mile long...and doesnt allow someone to cut corners.)
It is time to seize this day and make it my own!

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