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2nd Amendment is STUPID and music

"What could be done to make campus safer? " asked a reporter.  The student replied "Nothing."

I dont think so.  I mean...sorry 2nd amendment folks out there but I just dont think people should have such extreme wide access to anything they want.  I mean we take guns from people in Iraq.  So why do we allow people to pile up on fire arms at gun shows and order shells and clips online?

America has some of the most liberal gun laws.  Is this making us safer?  Not just focusing on school shootings but just violent hand gun crime in general.  We are one of the most armed countries out there.  Lets compare some random stats of "developed" countries homicide rates:

CountryFirearm Homicide Rate per 100,000 %% of homicides with firearms
United States2.9739
United Kingdom0.128

Now firearm homicides doesn't neccessary represent a straight picture because one has to assume access to medical help also affects the deaths.  But I have to say look at Australia or the UK with strict gun laws they have extremely different incident rates of shootings.

Back to school shootings.  We are a society of John Wayne wannabees.  Out of the last four years of school shootings they have been:

United States: 15   Canada: 2  India: 1 Finland: 1 Lebanon 1 Germany: 1

One could argue that population is much higher in the US than say Finland and Lebanon but what about India???  With nearly FOUR times our population they have 1/15th of the school shootings we have!

I mean get with it.  

I've never owned a gun, I've never shot a gun and I have never needed a gun.  I'm less afraid of Insurgents than I am a guy in my building with a stockpile of weapons.  I think it is fine to hunt, its fine to own a gun .... but why can't we limit the amount people can have?  Why do people need 9 mm handguns ?  I'm not a hunter .... so I guess I just dont know what one would hunt with that.  

In Kentucky according to the NRA these are the restrictions I have to follow:
Permit to Purchase:     NONE
Registration of Firearms:   NONE
Licensing of Owners:   NONE
Permit to Carry:  Handguns only

Heck I just went to and found a 9mm I can "BUYNOW." 

I am emailing my national representatives, state officials and city council basically the following:

"Honorable Denise Harper Angel,

I am just writing after looking into gun control in our state in light of the many school shootings that seem an American problem.  That coupled with our firearms related homicide rates being more in line with third world countries like Columbia and Paraguay kinda had me curious how accessible it was for me to get a gun.
I don't need a gun.  I have no education with them and have never held one.  I honestly don't think I should be able to buy one with out any training but according to the NRA's website:

In Kentucky these are the restrictions I have to follow:
Permit to Purchase:     NONE
Registration of Firearms:   NONE
Licensing of Owners:   NONE
Permit to Carry:  Handguns only

Does the state really think someone who plans violence is going to get a permit to carry?  I just went to and found a semi-automatic 9mm handgun at auction.  This is way to easy!  I'm alarmed.

Why am I the only one alarmed about this???  I'm also going to email several other representatives but your my senator and I'd like to know what you think. 

What is wrong with asking people to take a class and have a license to qualify for something that can kill?  I have to prove I can drive a car ... but I don't have to demonstrate any responsiblity to carry something with no purpose but to kill?  I mean who honestly hunts with a semi automatic 9mm handgun?


Matthew Leffler"


New topic.  So I created a handy dandy playlist on  Added it to my myspace page that includes at this point 30 songs I really like.  Figure as I get the time I'll add more and more to it.  If you get bored and feel like listening check it out


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