Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

life moves on ....

So real quick in a flash point note....

1. The guy I like is coming over tomorrow night for a third night here and I wouldnt die telling several people who he is cause Curt, and Jarrrett would apparently do as they normally do and try there best to destroy any thingy I may have....(one only needs to review their musical creation for me and discussion to anyone who knows me...hint hint...I dont talk about them unless it focuses on me and those complete BITCHES need to shut up and focus on their own nappy lives....then maybe others would care about them.) anyways....yes tomorow I am having a few over and looking to have a good night and thats why ... aginst Greg's advice I am only inviting people who will not invite complete assholes.  :-)  Sorry ... But just as I never slept with Curt ... Jarrett .... sorry your name isnt important enough to spell right...your a complete ass hole and I'll treat you and curt as such.  So .... in your language since your complete sluts ....    suc k it!  You should probably get just that part since you have shown yourselves to being complete idiots and demonstrated at the bar that few really like you.  Sucks to be complete assholes doesn't it?
Anyhow....2 doesnt exist .... the issue at hand...I have friends cominmg over and #1s wont be there and they can sit at home and do as they do any night cause they know that no one likes them.  Win for me. 

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